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Volvo (HU-xxx) - USB iPhone Android Integration kit

USB / iPod / Android / Bluetooth Interface Box

USB / iPhone / Android / Bluetooth Interface Box
USB port accepting any USB stick/drive
iPod, iPhone, iPad car integration via USB
MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WAV music supported

Distinctive functionality

Distinctive functionality
Plug and play installation
Control your media from stereo or steering wheel
Track information and text on select radios


Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree (optional)

Add Bluetooth to your car
Accept/reject phone calls hands free
Wireless car music streaming

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GROM-USB3 interface makes it easy to enjoy your music while driving. With plug-and play connection your mobile phone or USB drive becomes an in-car media center. An optional Bluetooth Dongle adds hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming.

USB Input to your Factory Car Stereo
GROM-USB3 car stereo adapter connects your USB 2.0 device such as flash drive, external hard drive or mass storage device to the stock stereo in your car. You can control the playback through your car stereo or steering wheel controls.

iPod®/iPhone® Integration via Lightning connector
Connect your Apple device to the factory car stereo via the USB port. Play and control music from your car stereo or steering wheel controls. Keep your apple device charged at the same time. Utilizes the standard USB to Apple connector cable (including Lightning style). All iPods, iPhones and iPads are compatible, including the latest iPhone 12.

Integrated Controls
Allows you to advance playlists, songs, folders, accept/reject/end calls/voice dial (Bluetooth dongle required)  more conveniently using your car stereo or steering wheel controls.

Bluetooth Capability
Syncs up your mobile phone and car stereo for hands Free usage and wireless audio streaming (Bluetooth add-on sold separately) .

Aux-Input and USB charge
Adds 3.5mm audio input for any MP3 player/Phone/DAB radio & charges with 5V USB  (aux-in cable sold separately) .

Text Display
Shows song title, album, artist name on your stereo screen (stereo permitting).

Invisible Installation
No need for extra LCD displays & controls, keep your original car stereo and preserve that sleek factory look.

CD Quality Sound
Seamless integration into your factory stereo system using CD changer emulation provides fantastic sound quality as opposed to the typically poor sound quality associated with FM modulators, cassette adapters or systems that have their own amplifier.

Simple DIY plug-n-play installation in most cases.

Legal & Safe
Why risk penalty points and a fine, use the Grom interface to legally & safely operate your music device/phone whilst driving!

Firmware Upgradeable
Free software updates for continued compatibility.
Universal interface for many car makes which could be transferred to your next car.

Peace of Mind
30 day money back guarantee & 1 year manufactures warranty.

Suitable for the following vehicles with HU radio:

  • Volvo S40 01-04
  • Volvo V40 01-04
  • Volvo S60 01-09
  • Volvo S70 01-06
  • Volvo V70 01-08
  • Volvo S80 00-06
  • Volvo XC70 01-06
  • Note: Will work with ALL head units in the above vehicles including HU-850, HU-803 HU-650, HU-603, HU-401 & RTI Sat Nav

Note: For 2004+ models with the "Floating Panel" radio design please see GROM-MST4 fibre optic kits
Unsure? Download the full vehicle application guide or contact us.

  • Step 1 - remove the factory head unit (see FAQ's or video clips for further help)
  • Step 2 - connect the Data Cable (Vehicle Specific Cable) into the typically empty CD changer port on the rear of the unit.
  • Step 3 - plug the other end of the data cable into the Grom interface which is small enough to leave behind the stereo or ideally route into the glove box.
  • Step 4 - connect your chosen accessory cables/USB cable and route to your preferred location around the drivers seat.
  • Step 5 - re-install head unit and enjoy.

    No fuss, easy DIY plug-and-play installation
    No wiring needs to be cut or soldered.
    The installation of this kit should not affect your vehicles warranty.

Data Cable:

Each kit comes with one vehicle-specific cable (Data cable) for connection between the GROM interface and the CDC port on the rear of the head unit.

SC-xxx radios require the VOL94 cable, HU-xxx radios require the VOL01 cable, more recent models use fibre optics and require the MST4 kit

VOL01 cable harness instructions

Device Compatibility:

USB compatibility:
      • USB port accepting USB media (stick / thumb drive / hard drive) - (64GB max)
      • MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WAV music supported
Apple compatibility via USB port:
      • All iPods, iPads, iPhones (Lightning ) including 13 (requires your phones USB cable)
Bluetooth compatibility via Bluetooth dongle:
      • Any phone with Bluetooth inc. iPhones, Android based phones, Windows phones etc.



  • Automotive grade USB extension cable with latch-style connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -40C - +85 C (-50F - 200 F)
  • Operating current: ~220mA 
  • Standby current: ~1mA 
  • SN Ratio: 95dB
  • DAC resolution: NA 
  • Distortion: < 0.01%
  • Dimensions: W / H / D - 60* 73 * 20 mm
  • Weight: 60g 
  • Enclosure: black metal

Kit Contents:

  • Car stereo adapter in metal enclosure
  • Vehicle specific cable #VOL01
  • User manual
  • USB extension cable

Optional accessories and upgrades - sold separately:

  • Bluetooth Dongle (BTD)
  • Aux-in 3.5mm jack (35MDN)

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