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GROM Audio offers many products with different functionality. Please check the comparison table below to understand your options.


USB input for USB Flash or Android USB cableAndroid Direct Integration via Android USB cable and AALinQBluetooth Capable with or without GROM Bluetooth DongleAUX Line-In 3.5mm Audio connectioniPod or iPhone connection via GROM compatible special iPod cableText display available on select text capable stereos*Integrated controls from your factory stereoFree software updatesCD Quality Sound
Top of the GROM line. Featuring USB, iPhone and Android Integration. Bluetooth and AUX capable with extra cables.
Features integrated Bluetooth (no extra Bluetooth Dongle needed). Comes with mic, and has two ports for 30 pin iPhone/iPod cable and AUX connections.
Simple Aux-Input kit with 3.5mm jack
GROM line for fiber-optic Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo car stereos. Featuring USB and Android Integration. iPod/iPhone, Bluetooth, AUX capable with extra cables.
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GROM Car Integration Kits are fully customizable according to your needs. Depending on your electronic devices and the level of integration that is desired you can add or remove additional functionality. Please check the table above for each product details.

yes - The feature is included without additional accessories and dongles.

optional- The feature is available with additional accessories or dongle. For Bluetooth functionality GROM Bluetooth Dongle is required; for iPod/iPhone/iPad integration GROM compatible special iPod cable is needed; for AUX-In 3.5mm audio connection 3.5mm audio and 5V USB charging cable is needed.

no - The feature is not available for this module.

*Text Display - Text display is available for select stereos only. That includes some of BMW, Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti (in SAT emulation), Honda/Acura (in SAT emulation), Subaru (in SAT emulation), Mazda (in SAT emulation), Volvo (in MD emulation. 
**iPod/iPhone cable - GROM-BT3 only supports 30 pin dock cable to mini-din and does not allow a Lightning connection. USB3, IPD4 and MST4 support both 30 pin and Lightning to USB connections.