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About Carputer-Shop

Carputer-Shop is primarily focused on automotive connectivity and new niche products to connect, aid or to simply have fun with in your car.

As the sole UK distributor for Grom Audio products we have a strong customer base all over Europe. GROM Audio is a developer and manufacturer of high quality Digital Protocol CD Converters and Digital Auxiliary Input Converters for in-car entertainment. The entire product range uses the car's original equipment, so your car will retain its sleek look while giving you the powerful access to your music library. All of the products are made according to the latest technology standards allowing for the highest quality and leading edge digital solutions for total integration of many electronic devices.

We are a family run business and having been established for over 10 years and are a division of Mannocks Limited. Our primary focus is our excellent customer service and technical knowledge when it comes to all automotive related connectivity.  We understand that sometimes retro fitting the latest technology into older vehicles is not always an exact science and therefore have a more friendly approach than other companies in the unlikely event of a technical issue.

Trade Enquires – We deal with the trade, to get in touch please email us here

Fitters – We are always on the lookout for installers around the UK and EU, contact us here for more details.


Recycle unused GROM adapters parts - send them back to us and we will recycle! Today when environmental impact is critical in preserving our planet, it is important that everyone create as little waste as possible. Therefore our motto "Get only what you use" applies to all aspects of our business including our simple packaging and the equipment we provide to our customers. We supply consumers with only the cables and accessories necessary in installation, this is to avoid giving you something you did not need and did not want to pay for. As we strive to help prevent waste, Carputer-Shop asks all customers to return any equipment you are no longer using so we can RECYCLE it properly in our effort to keep our planet as clean as possible.