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Welcome to Carputer-Shop the UK's No. 1 online store supplying all the latest technology for integrating your iPhone, Android phone, iPod, Smart phone, MP3, USB & Bluetooth into vehicle systems.

Gone are the days of replacing the stereo and speakers with aftermarket products. Modern cars are highly equipped but lack certain features enabling connection of the very latest devices. We offer a unique range of products to help integrate your iPod/iPhone, Android Phone, Bluetooth and USB into the 'Standard' systems found in many vehicles.

What do I need? Select via your car make or by the device you want to connect:

  • Grom Audio IPD3

    Ideal solution for those that just want to connect, charge and control an iPod or iPhone.
  • Grom Audio USB2P

    Top of the range kit offering all connectivity options. USB & Android feature as standard.
  • Grom Audio BT3

    New! Integrated Bluetooth kit, for hands free calling and wireless music streaming.
  • Grom Audio MST3

    For high end vehicles equipped with fibre optics M.O.S.T. Technology